Grant Request


  T & E, inc. is soliciting proposals for research projects. Proposals for work in New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico that fall into one of the following topic areas will be given preference:

  • Life histories and management guidelines for federally listed or rare plant and animal species, including keystone species  
  • Surveys for under surveyed species, taxa and communities (e.g., non vascular plants, terrestrial invertebrates)  
  • Effects of livestock, timber harvesting, recreation or other human related activities on natural communities  
  • Ecological processes in old growth forest, desert grassland /shrub communities  
  • Exotic species management in natural communities  
  • Adaptability of native species to urban/suburban areas  
  • Surveys to determine special areas of biological concern on public lands

Please visit our Proposal Format page for directions on how to apply. Proposals should not exceed $3000 per year. Given funding restrictions, overhead is not allowed and smaller requests are encouraged. Funding for more than one year will not be promised.

PROPOSALS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY: November 1 For a statement of program goals and proposed format, or other information, please contact your department head or:


Eleanor Wootten, President
T&E, Inc.
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Gila, NM 88038 
Phone: 575-535-2068
Albuquerque Office:
Marianne Wootten, Treasurer
T&E, Inc.
8109 Waverly DR NW  
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Phone: (505) 450-7869